paul hicks

These are a selection of my favorites, either because of what we were able to achieve in the new mix, or as a fascinating insight into how some of these songs progressed as they recorded them, from demo to final master.

Paul Hicks mixed & engineered – The Ultimate Mixes (5.1 & Stereo), The Ultimate Mixes Out-takes (Stereo), The Elements Mixes (5.1 & Stereo)



rob stevens

After completing work with Yoko on the album tracks and out-takes, and being so very familiar with their every nook and cranny, once there was a break before hearing them again with relatively fresh ears, these were the tracks that jumped out at me, each for its own reasons.

Rob Stevens mixed The Raw Studio Mixes (5.1 & Stereo) & Raw Studio Out-takes (5.1 & Stereo)



sam gannon

These are ten of my favourite cuts from the new boxset. They are picked purely because I really love the songs or mixes. It’s really great to be able to explore Imagine in so many new and different ways.

Sam Gannon edited, mixed & engineered The Evolution Documentary Mixes (mono, 100 mins)



elliot mintz

Each of us will be drawn to a different cut of this collection and I suspect the lists will remain fluid as opposed to fixed. John had a way of reaching me at precisely the time I needed to have him confirm what I was feeling. His spontaneity of expression was part of his genius. For tonight, these are my selections beginning with the one I am guessing will be on everyone’s list.

Elliot was the interviewer for Imagine John & Yoko – The Elliot Mintz Interviews



simon hilton

In making this Box Set over the past few years, there have been many new and exciting discoveries, and it’s beautiful that even now, new elements and nuances continue to emerge on repeated listens. Each set of mixes inhabits its own distinct world and bears testament to the myriad talents of Yoko and her unique collaborators in creating a new and complete experience even greater than the sum of its incredible parts. John and his incredible energy affects and remains within us all. All we have to do is listen. And, encouraged by Yoko, engage the power of our infinite imagination.

Simon is the Compilation Producer & Production Manager for Imagine The Ultimate Collection on behalf of Yoko Ono Lennon.


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